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TECE bietet die Linienentwässerungslösungen TECEdrainline und TECEdrainprofile sowie die Punktentwässerung TECEdrainpoint S an.
Comfort updates for TECE drainage solutions

A complete range

At TECE, we are constantly developing our sanitary solutions. We always ask ourselves the question “Can it be done more easily?" and always focus on ease of installation, product safety as well as design and the user experience.

And once again we have come up with some clever additions to the range for TECEdrainprofile, TECEdrainline and TECEdrainpoint S.

These make installation more convenient and give users the confidence that they have purchased a product that is high-quality, safe and easy-to-use.

Convince yourself how beautiful linear drainage can be.

Auf TECEspotlight entdecken Sie unsere neuesten Produkt-Highlights


Our TECEdrainprofile shower profile inspires with its attractive design, simple installation and easy cleaning, and opens up a wide range of solutions for linear drainage. The following additions now complete the range.

Der senkrechte Ablauf für das Duschprofil TECEdrainprofile ist mit nur 47 mm der flachste Ablauf im Sortiment

Vertical solution!

With the new vertical drain, the TECEdrainprofile shower profile is now also suitable for all applications in which the drain pipe is to be routed vertically through the ceiling - as is occasionally necessary in ground floors, cellars or utility rooms. At the same time, with a construction height of 47 mm, it is the flattest drain in the range, which makes it interesting above all for existing buildings with low screed construction heights. In accordance with DIN EN 1253, it has a sealing water height of 50 mm and a drainage capacity of > 0.8 l/s. 

As is common with all TECEdrainprofile drains, the vertical drain also includes the practical construction time protection, the clickable Seal System sealing sleeve, odour traps and sound insulation strips for sound insulation when installed flush with the wall.

Das Brandschutzset FireStop sorgt für sicheren Brandschutz und ist kompatibel zu TECEdrainline, TECEdrainprofile und TECEdrainpoint S

Everything is safe!

With ceiling bushings, fire protection requirements must also be met, with the exception of single-family houses. The new vertical drain for TECEdrainprofile is compatible with the TECE FireStop El 120 DN 50 fire protection set, available as an accessory, which can also be used for TECEdrainline. It comes with ETA approval and fire resistance class El 120.

Die TECEdrainprofile ist jetzt auch in Schwarz gebürstet verfügbar.

Consistently on trend

Matching last year's flush plate style update: With the new deep black surface of the shower profile, it is possible to combine current bathroom fittings, flush plates and now also shower areas for a modern, matt black look. The PVD-finished surface offers extreme durability and therefore remains permanently beautiful even in the heavily used shower area.

TECEdrainprofile 1600mm

Showers in 3XL format

Extra-large floor-level showers are the new degree of extra freedom in the bathroom - whether for added mobility or simply for that extra bit of comfort every day. With the extra-long shower profile TECEdrainprofile 1600 mm in brushed stainless steel, you can also drain 3XL showers flush with the niche, without tile cuts and pieces over the entire width of the shower area. Stylish drainage - without limits. 


TECEdrainprofile “vertical” drain, DN 50 outlet

Strichzeichnung des senkrechten Ablaufs DN50 für TECEdrainprofile

Drain for TECEdrainprofile shower profile, for installation in screed, for vertical connection to a DN 50 sewer line. With factory fitted and clickable Seal System sealing sleeve, to create a DIN 18534 compliant connection of the composite seal.

  • Min. installation height 47 mm (bottom edge of drain to upper edge of screed)
  • Drainage capacity ≥ 0.8/≥ 1.2 l/s (to EN 1253 with 10/20 mm build-up above the profile cover)
  • Sealing water height 50 mm
  • Removable odour trap
  • Integrated screed anchor
  • Factory - fitted, clickable and flexible sealing sleeve with Seal System
  • Matching prefabricated sound insulation strips
  • Protective construction cover
  • Sliding/mobile seal for connection with TECEdrainprofile shower profile and to compensate structural tolerances
Die TECEdrainline-Evo verfügt über viele Montagehilfen, die die Installation für den Installateur und Fliesenleger vereinfachen.

TECEdrainline-Evo: Installation update

With TECEdrainline-Evo, we already further developed our shower channel classic TECEdrainline a while ago, making it particularly installation-friendly. The success story continues with the clever mounting bracket.

Mit der TECEdrainline-Evo Wandhalterung gelingt die Montage der Duschrinne TECEdrainline-Evo jetzt noch einfacher.

Installation close to the wall made easy

Previously, only assembly feet were available for fastening, but when installing close to the wall, it is not easy to drill the necessary holes. The new, additionally available wall mounting bracket, which the TECEdrainline-Evo has “inherited” from the TECEdrainprofile, provides a remedy here, fixing the shower channel directly to the wall and aligning it perfectly in height. This type of installation also facilitates the underlaying of insulation material and allows for a floating installation. Another advantage: After the screed has been laid, the wall mounting bracket can be dismantled and reused.

TECEdrainpoint S begeistert Liebhaber der Punktentwässerung im Duschbereich mit zeitlos schlichtem Design.

TECEdrainpoint S

Our solution for point drainage also impresses with its simple installation and timeless elegance, and now offers even more convenience and safety with the mechanical odour trap.

Der mechanische Geruchsverschluss ist eine clevere Nachrüstlösung für TECEdrainpoint S.

Goodbye odours!

Odours can be a nuisance especially in rarely used drains or buildings where the sealing water is extracted due to pressure fluctuations in the drainage system. The new mechanical odour trap for the TECEdrainpoint S point drainage system overcomes the problem with a simple pendulum flap and operates without sealing water. The pendulum flap opens under the water's own weight and closes after the water has drained off - thereby preventing sewer gases from entering the room.

The mechanical odour trap can be used with all TECEdrainpoint S drains. It is simply inserted into the drain, without screws or tools - very simple.

If you want to know exactly... can find all technical information, BIM data or tender specifications for our complete product range in the TECE product database.

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