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Spültechnikupgrade für den TECE Universal-Spülkasten
TECE Uni cistern

The installation upgrade for the Uni cistern

As pioneers of the concealed cistern, we are proud of our flushing technology. But every product, no matter how good, needs an update over time. We have taken the opportunity to make a comprehensive upgrade from your suggestions: with many new technical features that will make the installation of our popular cistern even more relaxed in the future. Of course, you can still rely on tried-and-tested features such as the sealed 10-litre safety tank with pre-mounted F10 filling valve or the compatibility for all TECE flush plates. 

easy fit tool-free quick assembly for flush plates
Installation tunnel with “zip” function: shorten without tools
Quick adapter for water connection: no sealing, no errors
Conduit for universal connection of shower toilets
Can be combined with all TECE flush plates
With all the proven advantages of the TECE Uni cistern

Features that inspire

Less tool use, less work steps, more time savings at the construction site.

This is what's behind our installation upgrade for the TECE uni cistern.

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Quickly connected - without sealing

The new water connection of the cistern has a 1/2” external thread and is compatible with quick adapters.

Time-consuming sealing? Not any more.

Removed with a "zip"

The installation tunnel for the shell protection makes direct tiling possible. Afterwards, the bare-wall protection is taken out and the installation tunnel is removed directly at the wall with a "zip" without tools - without cutter knives, with smooth edges. Injury-free, simple and safe.

Flush plate assembly - faster than ever!

With easy fit the flush plate can be installed in one go. No adjustment is necessary. This not only saves nerves, but also around two thirds of time. In our easy fit video you can see how easily this can be done.  Of course, you can continue to install all cisterns and flush plates without easy fit with our new products.

In our Tips & Tricks videos you will find out more.

Fit for the future

Shower toilets can easily be retrofitted: the reinforced hose for the shower function is safely guided into the cistern via a conduit. A housing is integrated in the toilet connection box to supply power to an electronic shower toilet. The TECEone powerless shower toilet is still simply connected with the separately available upgrade set.

Bare-wall protection at its best

In addition to the flush and waste water connections, the new bare-wall protection also keeps the connection area for electricity and shower toilet free and is easy to tile with just a few straight cuts. The threaded rods for the fine installation are housed in the polystyrene bare-wall protection: safe, ready to hand and protected from dirt.

Installation and assembly: The highlights in the video

Pre-assembled in the TECEprofil toilet module, the TECE Uni cistern is quickly and safely installed on site, even by only one person. Thanks to clever upgrades, the installation of the new Uni cistern is now even more relaxed. You can see it  in the video!


"Thanks to your suggestions, we have added several upgrades to our flushing technology. And we still keep our promise: full compatibility throughout the whole range! Of course, you can continue to install all cisterns and flush plates without easy fit with our new products."

Andre Meiermann, Product Manager Sanitary Systems

Combinations with and without easy fit.

Assembly of flush plates without easy fit system on a cistern with easy fit installation system

Assembly of easy fit flush plates on a Uni cistern without easy fit installation system

Find even more inspiration in our brochure!

Excerpt of our new item no. (valid from April 2021):


Description Old item no.* New item no.
TECEprofil toilet module with
Uni cistern, installation height 1120 mm
9300000 9300300
Installation height 980 mm 9300022 9300322
Installation height 820 mm 9300001 9300301
Geronto module  9300009 9300309
Children’s floor-standing toilet,
installation height 1120 mm
9300088 9300388

*Change in April 2021 


Description Old item no.* New item no.
TECEbox toilet module with Uni cistern, installation height 1060 mm 9370000 9370300
with tileable front facing, installation height 1110 mm 9371000 9371300
tile base front, installation height 820 mm 9375000 9375300

*Change in April 2021 

If you want to know exactly... can find all technical information, BIM data or tender specifications for our complete product range in the TECE product database.

...or, even better, contact us directly!


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