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TECEflushpoint – die pneumatische Auslösung für den TECE Octa-Spülkasten

Flushing comfort within reach

There are many reasons to choose an alternative to a classic toilet flush plate on the cistern - whether accessibility, space reasons or design requirements. With TECEflushpoint, you can position attractive pneumatic flush plates flexibly within a radius of 1.7 m around the cistern. Simply where they fit best. With just one click and even in addition to the classic flush plate.

» In einigen Anwendungsfällen wird eine pneumatische Fernauslösung zusätzlich zur manuellen Auslösung benötigt. Das muss mit wenigen Handgriffen zu erledigen sein. Und natürlich muss die bisherige Betätigung weiter funktionieren, wenn der Kunde das möchte. «

»In some applications, pneumatic remote control is required in addition to manual control. It should be possible to do this in just a few steps. And of course, the previous actuation system must continue to work if the customer requires it.«

For single and dual-flush systems
Usable with all manual TECE flush plates
For solid and dry-wall constructions as well as furniture installation
Attractive design, pleasant feel
Up to 1.7 m action radius
One-click installation on drain valve: no further modifications to the cistern necessary
TECEflushpoint kann bei unserem Spülkasten TECE Uni ganz einfach nachgerüstet werden

One-click installation

Conversion can be this easy: The actuator for pneumatic operation is placed on the drain valve with a single click. For inserting the pneumatic hose into the cistern, it's provided at the factory with a pre-punched opening that can be easily pierced.

Bei der Entwicklung von TECEflushpoint haben wir  größten Wert auf ein ansprechendes und in jedes  Bad passendes Design gelegt.

Design meets haptics

When we developed TECEflushpoint, we focussed heavily on an attractive design that would fit into any bathroom. At the same time, all components have been optimally matched to each other to ensure that flushing is also a pleasant feeling on the surface.

Find even more inspiration in our brochure!

TECEflushpoint Übersicht Baukasten mit Uni Spülkasten

The modular system

All elements for pneumatic toilet flush actuation with TECEflushpoint can be easily combined within the modular system.

A Toilet module with Uni cistern
B TECEflushpoint shell set for Uni cistern
C TECEflushpoint fine installation set in various versions

TECEflushpoint complete range

TECEflushpoint fine construction sets

TECEflushpoint square white

TECEflushpoint, white

TECEflushpoint square white  glass
TECEflushpoint square chrome

TECEflushpoint, Bright chrome

TECEflushpoint square chrome matte

TECEflushpoint, Matt chrome

TECEflushpoint rund weiss 9240981

TECEflushpoint, white, with round cover

Shell set

TECEflushpoint Rohbauset für den Octa Spülkasten

TECEflushpoint, shell set for Uni cistern



Vermaßte Strichzeichnung der pneumatischen Betätigung TECEflushpoint
Dimensions (W x H x D): 95 x 95 x 5 mm
(applies to round and square cover plates)


If you want to know exactly... can find all technical information, BIM data or tender specifications for our complete product range in the TECE product database.

...or, even better, contact us directly!


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