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TECEprofil WC Modul mit 750mm Bauhöhe
TECEprofil toilet module with 750 mm installation height

No other gets this low!

New possibilities thanks to new installation height: The installation height of toilet modules is not only important for sloping roofs, dormers or in front of windows. From a design point of view, too, height differences in the pre-wall are not always desirable in the overall appearance of a bathroom. The new TECEprofil toilet module with an installation height of just 750 mm solves this problem - without compromising on functionality, comfort or installation.

TECEconstruct Neue Trends, neue Herausforderungen

New trends, new challenges

In small bathrooms in particular, the toilet and washstand often have to be placed directly next to each other in a pre-wall installation. This is not a problem with conventional washstands, which are usually placed in front of the pre-wall. With modern countertop washstands, however, this calculation no longer works: the toilet module is too high to be installed in the same pre-wall.  

New possibilities in bathroom planning

TECE has also developed the lowest toilet module in its class for this installation situation. With an installation height of only 750mm, it has the ideal conditions for a combined and toilet at the same level of use - even with countertop washbasins. And thus creates straight lines and elegant storage surfaces even in small bathrooms. Smallest dimensions - for the greatest possible design freedom!

Just 750 mm high: ideal in combination with countertop washbasins
Can be combined with all manual or pneumatic TECE flush plates
Quick adapter for water connection: no additional sealing, no errors
easy fit tool-free quick assembly for flush plates
Installation tunnel with “zip” function: shorten without tools

Features that inspire

Even in our lowest installation height, the TECEprofil toilet module impresses with clever details that make installation even easier.

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Removed with a "zip

The installation tunnel for the shell construction protection makes direct tiling possible. Afterwards, the shell construction protection is taken out and the installation tunnel is removed directly at the surface without tools with a "zip" - without cutter knives, without sharp breaking edges. Injury-free, simple and safe.

Installation made easy

With easy fit, our new quick installation for flush plates, you can install flush plates in a relaxed manner in one go. Without readjusting or measuring. This not only saves 60% of working time - but also a lot of nerves.

TECEconstruct Rundum kompatibel

Compatible all round

The TECE Uni 750 cistern can be combined with all manual or pneumatic TECE flush plates. This means that there are not only no restrictions on design diversity – but also on flexibility. Because for renovation and modernisation work, they can be interchanged regardless of series and year. Even after decades.

Shell construction protection in top form

In addition to the flush and waste water connections, the new shell construction protection also keeps the connection area for electricity and shower-toilet free and is easy to tile on with just a few straight cuts. The threaded rods for the fine installation are stored in the polystyrene pipe protection, ready to hand and protected from dirt, until they are needed.

Install the flush plate – faster than ever!

With easy fit, installing the flush plate can be done without stress and in one go. No need for readjusting or measuring. This not only saves nerves but also around two thirds of the time! You can see how easy it is in our easy fit installation video.

Of course, you can also continue to install all cisterns and flush plates without easy fit with our new products. See how: in our tips & tricks videos!

Andre Meiermann Produktmanager Sanitärsysteme bei TECE

» Thanks to your suggestions, we have been able to give our flushing systems the benefit of a few upgrades. We remain true to our promise of compatibility: you can still install all cisterns and flush plates without easy fit with our new products. «

André Meiermann, Product manager sanitary systems

Combinations with and without easy fit. Making assembly a success!

Mounting a flush plate without easy fit system on a cistern with easy fit mounting system

Mounting a flush plate with easy fit system on a cistern without easy fit mounting system

You can find even more inspiration in our brochure


TECEprofil toilet module 750 mm installation height

Strichzeichnung des TECEprofil WC-Moduls mit 750 mm Bauhöhe
Description Item number Special feature

TECEprofil toilet module with Uni-cistern, 750 mm height

  • 8 litre tank volume 
  • Cistern pre-assembled and sealed
  • Suitable for all manual TECE flush plates and toilet fittings
  • Low-noise hydraulic filling valve, fittings group 1 acc. to DIN 4109


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