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TECEflushpoint and the TECEconsruct toilet module with only 750 mm installation height enable new design choices.

Discover our spring update on TECEspotlight

Innovative technology, fresh designs,  easier assembly.  Here are the highlights of TECE's new products!

TECE bietet die Linienentwässerungslösungen TECEdrainline und TECEdrainprofile sowie die Punktentwässerung TECEdrainpoint S an.

Easy assembly, maximum comfort

Floor-level, tiled shower areas are still very much on trend. For even easier and safer installation and the greatest possible comfort for users, we have added a few clever details to our drainage range.

TECEflushpoint – die pneumatische Auslösung für den TECE Octa-Spülkasten

Remote control, nice and simple

Discover TECEflushpoint, the pneumatic toilet flush plate in attractive designs, which, with its 1.7m operating radius, is not only easy to place wherever you need it, but is also quick and easy to install thanks to one-click mounting. The decision is also simple: because with TECEflushpoint, you don't have to choose between classic toilet flushing OR remote control - you simply keep the classic flushing as an option if you wish. AND/OR not EITHER/OR - for simply even more possibilities in bathroom design!

TECE potinkinis rėmas

Mini-height for maximum design freedom

Stacking low simply makes sense here: because our lowest toilet module, with its low installation height simply looks great - in combination with countertop washbasins and in all other construction situations where less height is simply more.

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