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TECE Octa II Wandbefestigung
TECEprofil toilet module with Octa-II cistern

Slim in front of the wall

Narrow spaces require slim technology: With a depth of just 8 cm and a generous flush volume of up to 7 litres, the Octa II cistern in the new TECEprofil toilet module is a real problem solver for challenging space conditions in the bathroom and toilet.

All assembly upgrades at a glance

Out of the box, onto the wall: flushing technology from TECE is that simple. Proven features and new details help to make handling even more reliable. No mistakes, no readjustments - discover TECE Octa-II with the handling upgrade.

With a width of 500 mm and a depth of 80 mm, the TECEprofil toilet module with Octa-II cistern is compact and space-saving for any installation situation.

TECE Betätigungsplatten Auswahl

Compatible with all flush plates

With TECE Octa-II, you can experience the whole world of TECE flush plates: whether manual, electronic or pneumatics - all TECE flush plates can be used with the new generation of TECE cisterns. Without either or: because thanks to sophisticated technology, the mechanical flush plate can still be fitted even if a remote release is installed.

Installation depth of only 8 cm, ideal for installation in dry walls
Sealed tank, does not need to be opened in the shell construction
Bendable, easily removable drain valve
Easy flush volume adjustment
Throttle set for flushing pressure adjustment
Compatible with all TECE flush plates
TECEprofil Sondermodule

Equipped for every installation situation

Special floor plans require particularly special technology. For example, small bathrooms, toilets under low window sills or popular overall designs with countertop washbasins. There are a number of challenges that need to be taken into account when planning cisterns. The TECE range always offers a suitable module. From the universal classic in heights of 1120, 980 and 820 mm to the particularly low 750 mm module and the extra narrow 320 mm toilet module for shaft or corner installation.


TECE Octa II cistern

Strichzeichnung TECEprofil mit Octa II Spülkasten
Description Specialities Article number
TECEprofil toilet module with Octa II-cistern 8 cm, installation height 1120 mm

Octa- II cistern 8 cm for actuation from the front:

  • Safety tank made of impact-resistant Plastic, tested to EN 14055
  • Cistern completely pre-assembled and sealed
  • Cistern connection with outer thread R 1/2" at the top, compatible with quick adapters
  • 7 litre Tank volume; 6 litre preset Standard flush volume; 4.5 litre flush volume adjustable at any time; 3 litre partial flush with Dual-flush system; Setting of a 4/2 litre flush volume optionally possible.
  • insulated against condensation water
  • for TECE flush plates and Toilet flush handle
  • Can be used as a single or Dual-flush cistern
  • "easy fit" flush plate installation
  • Installation tunnel for service opening, can be shortened without tools
  • Quiet hydraulic filling valve, Acoustic group 1 according to DIN 4109

Module frame:

  • Self-supporting, powder-coated
  • Two retaining bolts and nuts M 12
  • Depth-adjustable DN 90 Toilet drain bend with DN 90/100 Joint adapter made of PP, including building protection plugs
  • Toilet connection set DN 90
  • Suitable for floor constructions up to 20 cm
  • Ceramics Installation spacing 180 or 230 mm
Nachrüstplatte mit TECEneo
Can be used in almost any bathroom situation

Retrofit panel for TECE shower toilets

You can’t beat the feeling of being freshly showered. With our TECEone shower toilet, you can experience this freshness every time you go to the toilet. With the new retrofit design cover you can now easily replace your old toilet with the cold water shower toilet TECEone. Almost without dirt and without having to drill or chisel. 

Nachrüst-Designblende Weiß

Not only a visual eye-catcher

The new retrofit design cover is impressive both visually and functionally: its velvet-matt anti-fingerprint surface made of abrasion- and scratch-resistant high-pressure laminate is not only elegant, it is also extremely easy to clean. The sandwich cover is moisture-resistant.

Nachrüst-Designblende Schwarz
Die Möglichkeiten auf der Rückseite der Nachrüstplatte

Possibilities on back of packaging

On the back, the retrofit design panel offers various guide grooves for the water connection of a TECE shower toilet. This means that all technology is hidden behind the elegant surface.

1. Hose guide from shower toilet to cistern

2. Additional guide grooves for different connection points for water or electricity

3. Recess for optional connections such as power supply or supply line via the skirting board

Retrofitted in no time at all

When we developed the retrofit design cover, the focus was not only on the appearance but also on easy assembly. For example, the pressure-resistant sandwich cover weighs only approx. 6.7 kg, making it easy to handle. The cut-out for the flush plate can easily be made with a jigsaw. With a width of 12 mm, the guide grooves for the reinforced hoses are optimally adapted to the TECE fine installation set for shower toilets.

Simple retrofitting of a TECE shower toilet with cold water connection
High-quality and easy-care design surface
Moisture-proof, robust and lightweight material
Fast and simple assembly


Retrofit design panel for TECE shower toilets

Strichzeichnung Nachrüstplatte
Description Specialities Article number
TECE retrofit panel for TECE shower toilets
  • Ideal for renovation work
  • Carrier material made of polyurethane rigid foam-based material
  • Surface lamination made of HPL material with extra matt surface and anti-fingerprint
  • Edges laminated
  • Back with cut-outs for the reinforced hose guide and Toilet connection
  • Damp-proof and pressure-resistant material, tested according to various DIN standards
  • Customised cutting of the access for the Flush plate possible
  • Approx. dimensions: 1200 x 525 x 16.5 mm


You can find even more information in our brochure

TECEloop Blendenträger
As if from a single mould

TECEloop - the new carrier plate

A bathroom with as few joints as possible and a uniform design is the trend in modern bathroom design these days. The new TECEloop cover support for toilet flush plates helps to fulfil this requirement. The reason is because the surface of the TECEloop cover support can be tiled with customised surfaces.

The cover can be fitted with individual tiles or, for example, with a continuous natural stone slab. Both materials must be cut to size, sanded and glued in place. This is the job of a good tiler. For this purpose, any design actuators in different colours can be combined to create the desired uniform appearance.

The flush-mounted installation frame is available in the colours white, black, bright chrome, gold plated and bright metal. The cover support is suitable for operation from the front as well as from above. This makes the dream of an individual, unique bathroom a reality.

TECEloop Flächenbündig Aufbau
Einwurfschacht 2 Uni & Base
Convenient assembly - Easy handling

Uni+Base insert chutes

With two new insertion chutes for the TECE Uni and Base cisterns, installation will be easier for the installer in future and handling will be more convenient for end customers who can insert cleaning tablets via the chute. The reason: The easy fit components for fastening and actuation are now compatible with all TECE flush plates for the new insert chutes. As a result, six assembly instructions have become one - which will be appreciated by the specialist.

Einwurfschacht klappbar

Tab in, flap closed, done!

In addition, the easy fit actuation rods are neatly centred when opening and as a result the actuation is fixed. This ensures that everything is in place. A guide sleeve also prevents the flush plate from being pulled too far in front of the wall. Two chute versions are available due to the different depths of the flush plates. Customers with a strong preference for fresh and hygienically cleaned products will find it extremely convenient to insert the cleaning tablets into the system.

Wandhalterung Module 45 Grad

45°-wall bracket for modules

The new wall brackets with a prefabricated angle of 45° are designed for simple corner assembly. This means that all TECE dry-wall modules can now be quickly and easily attached to a stable wall in angled installation situations. The threaded rods are fitted directly with brackets for supporting the cladding and are attached to the sturdy wall with the enclosed mounting set. TECE corner installation is that simple.

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