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TECEneo Keyvisual
New addition to the TECE shower toilet range


Introducing: TECEneo, the new shower toilet from TECE. Stripped down to the essentials, thorough cleaning, uncomplicated installation and handling. Discover what really matters with TECEneo.

TECEneo Wasserstrahl

The best cleaning

A shower toilet should first and foremost provide deep and thorough cleaning. This is best achieved with a high-volume, rich and pleasantly soft jet of water. TECEneo does this perfectly!

TECEneo Drehknopf

Easy to operate

Turn on the water, set the temperature: with two rotary knobs on the left and right. A principle as simple as a shower tap. And so easy to understand that simply anyone - from young to old, family member or guest - can operate TECEneo intuitively.

TECEneo Frontansicht

Stripped down to the essentials

"Having is better than needing?" - that's so yesterday! Do we really need a self-opening toilet lid with a heatable seat, a remote control or even a dryer for our bottom? TECEneo has everything a good shower toilet needs. Without any complex electronics and without any power connection or standby consumption.

This is TECEneo

A shower toilet that not only cleans, but is also easy to keep clean. Designed to simply make everyday life more comfortable.


Upgrade sets for TECE shower toilets

Aufrüstset TECE-Dusch-WCs

Upgrade set brick-wall
for brick-wall cisterns with Uni cisterns (installation depth 13 cm)

Aufrüstset TECE-Dusch-WCs

Upgrade set dry-wall for dry-wall modules with Uni and Base cisterns

Aufrüstset TECE-Dusch-WCs

Upgrade set 320 dry-wall for dry-wall modules with Compact 320 and Base 320 cisterns (frame width 320 mm)

Aufrüstset TECE-Dusch-WCs

Upgrade set dry-wall 8 cm for dry-wall modules with Octa II and Base 8 cisterns

Everything that freshness needs

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Shower toilet TECEneo implementation Decalcification

In this video, we show you how to descale your TECEneo quickly and easily.

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